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Durolite is defined to be one of the specially formulated vinyl-cellulose granules that are more into bringing about the bond between the heavy-duty vinyl wall covering. The problem that is associated with the development of fungicides can now be ceased with the development of resistance that is offered by this particular entity. There are uncertain situations that arise sometimes which might end up resulting in errors.


-Extravagance in the formulation of Vinyl-Cellulose granules that are necessary for uplifting the bond development of heavy-duty Vinyl wall covering

-Consists of fungicides that will help to cease the growth of fungi. This offers mold resistance to the wall through its covering.

1) Wall Surface Preparation: cleaning the wall and working on filling the cracks and crevices.

2) Mixing Discharge granules slowly into the appropriate quantity of cold water

3) Application: The paste that is prepared is evenly coated on the back of the wall with the help of a paint roller. After the paint soaks well the wall covering is hung in a usual manner. Adjusting the position by pressing firmly against the wall and then the air bubbles are scrapped. With the use of a damp cloth, the excess paste that is applied will therefore be removed.